Undoubtedly one of our favourite things about living in Hong Kong is the ability to live the fast paced “big city life” but at the flip of a coin chill out in some of the most picturesque scenery on the earth. Tumbling waterfalls, gorgeous mountains and of course the sea surrounding all of the stunning islands, it’s hard not to feel #Blessed. Most people when they first take advantage of Hong Kong’s hiking scene will go to Tai Long Wan or if you’re really adventurous, Dragon’s Back, which is why we think it’d be criminal not to let you in on Hong Kong’s best kept secret hikes.

Bride’s Pool/ Mirror Pool

This is probably the shortest hike (around 30-40 mins), but no doubt just as beautiful. Although the trail itself is quite easy and definitely recommended for beginners, the mirror pool at the end with stunning waterfalls make this spot a perfect weekend hangout in Hong Kong’s hot summers. This hiking spot gets its name from an urban legend in which a Bride drowned in the pool after falling down on the way to meet her groom on a rainy day. Of course this is just an urban legend, but now the path is clearly marked so the hike is even easier.

How to get there?

Tai Po Market Station MTR Station  then take the Bus 75K / 20C  (or 275r on Sundays/public holidays) to Tai Mei Tuk from there take a taxi to Bride’s Pool and the diver will drop you off at the beginning of the trail.

High Island Geo Trail- Po Pin Chau

If you want to see some of Hong Kong’s most beautiful hike scenery, check out this easy 2.2 km loop. If you’d like to extend your workout, combine it with the Maclehose Stage 1. The Po Pin Chau sea stack came from multiple volcanic eruptions that gave the hexagonal rocks, sea caves and cut away island’s their shape. If you want to go all the way to the Po Pin Chau Sea stack, go right to the end of the High Island Reservoir Geo Trail and walk to the end of the Sai Kung Man Yee Road. The hike gets slightly more dangerous as from here you’ll need to climb along the wall of the water supply station and then straight on uphill to Fa Shan. Follow the trail until you get to the breathtaking view you see in the picture.

How to Get There: From Sai Kung Town Center take the Bus 94. Get off at Pak Tam Chung and follow along Tai Mong Tsai Road. From Sai Kung Man Yee Road (Maclehose Trail Stage 1), walk about 10km and you’ll get to High Island Reservoir Geo Trail and East dam.

Or, take a taxi at Sai Kung Town Center to the East dam (around HK$100).

Kap Lung Ancient Trail 

This relatively easy 6 km trek begins and ends at Hong Kong’s highest bus stop on Route Twisk by the country park in Tsuen Wan. This trail gives a Jungle Book/Tomb Raider vibe as you follow an ancient path laid with granite which villagers used to commute from the Tsuen Wan Market through the towering old trees and trickling streams that line this hike.
How to get there:

MTR to Tsuen Wan, then take the KMB bus 51 from Tsuen Wan to the Country Park stop.

Infinity Pools in Man Cheung Po (Near Tai O)

This is hands down our favourite spot to go hiking in Hong Kong, and in fact we love it so much we almost didn’t want to tell you so we could keep it for ourselves. Just 4km from the Tai O bus stop on Lantau Island are Hong Kong’s natural infinity pools and the gorgeous tumbling waterfalls that you should definitely be chasing- no matter what TLC says. Perfect to get a gang together with a picnic to enjoy all of Hong Kong’s most gorgeous natural terrain. When you get back to your flat back in the city at the end of the day, it’ll feel like you’ve been on vacation…without the jetlag.

How to get there:

Take the MTR to Tung Chung or the Ferry to Mui Wo. Then take a bus to Tai O (either #11 or #1 depending on where you depart from), or a taxi since they’re even cheaper in Lantau. Follow along the pier shore from to Man Cheung Po and follow the signs along there.

Ng Tung Chai Near Tai Po Market

Whilst we’re on the subject of chasing waterfalls (+10 points if the song is in your head), Hong Kong’s tallest peak,  Tai Mo Shan is famous for the most breathtaking waterfalls in the city, with the highest being 35 meters tall just outside of Tai Po. This 3km trail is perfect for taking the squad out for summer outing to explore Hong Kong’s more natural side whilst cooling down in the natural pools. The hike only takes around an hour or so,  if you’re not tired and have time,why not take a moment to check out the Man Yak Yuen temple to check out for a little cultural exploration.

How to get there:

Take the MTR to Tai Wo station on the east rail line and from there, the 25K bus to Ng Tung Chai Road or a taxi straight to Ng Tung Chai waterfall path. For this hike it’s pretty important that you stay on the main path where the waterfalls are marked. Other paths get suddenly steep and can get quite dangerous.

Since most of these hikes are only about 1/2 a day long, why not wind down afterwards with a massage to restore your well-worked muscles to relax. Check out our favourite places for a foot massages here.

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