In the last 5 years, brows have gone from being the supporting role in your makeup routine, to the leading lady. Ask any beauty addict, and they’ll reassure you the importance of brows is high on the priority list. However, getting brows on point doesn’t come naturally (unless you’re really lucky), and there are so many new trends popping up all over the web for brow grooming that it’s hard to know where to start if you’re brow beginner. The BloomMe Girls could never leave you in the lurch and so here is the brow guide you’ve always wanted:

Tweezing & Plucking 

Tweezing and plucking is probably the oldest brow trick in the book, and easily the best one if you’re wanting to try at home. Simply grab a pair of tweezers and pull out stray hairs- starting from the bottom- to give your brows the desired shape.


Cheap- Buying tweezers should only cost around $6HKD, and even if you get them done in our fabulous salons are only roughly $80HKD

Accurate- Since you’re only removing 1 or two hairs at a time, it means you can be extremely accurate with shaping your brows.


Time consuming– whilst tweezing is great to pluck out the odd stray hairs, if you’re in need of a little bit more than taming, individually plucking hairs can take a lot time, and make your arm ache affecting the accuracy.


Threading is when a thin piece of thread if doubled up and twisted to remove lines of hair at follicle level to give a polished look.


Easier to fill in after hair as been threaded and provides a clean an accurate line for your brows, making them look prisine and fleeky even if you don’t want to add extra depth.

Much like tweezing, threading is also very cheap at around $100HK.


Slightly more painful than tweezing and takes longer than waxing and tweezing. However, threading should not take longer than 25 mins and although is slightly more painful than tweezing (and waxing to some) it is more of an uncomfortable pain than an audible “ouch”.


Waxing is probably the quickest way to tidy up your brows. Small strips of wax are place strategically around your brow area to remove the majority of hair out of the area, then tweezers are also used to remove any stray hair missed by the wax.


Hairs generally grow back slower with wax than they do with tweezers or threading.

Waxing is very quick, and generally inexpensive at around $120 HKD


Usually the reason that people opt out of waxing is the pain factor. Whilst it can be quite painful, the wax takes no more than 10 mins from start to finish and so the pain is only brief.

Waxing over time can cause your skin to sag slightly as the pulling motion weakens the elasticity of your skin.

Tattooing/ Microblading

Tattooing or micro-blading is the method that uses tiny blades and ink to make a “real eyebrow” effect by drawing tiny lines over a stencilled eyebrow shape. The method usually lasts for about 3 years and is also often called “3D eyebrows” or “eyebrow embroidery”


Long lasting- since it’s a semi permanent tattoo this method can last up to 3 years!

Low maintenance– not only is this treatment long lasting, but since it enhances your natural brow, you don’t need to fill them in either!

Almost painless– although you’re getting a tattoo, the numbing cream before hand makes the process as pain


The aftercare is intensive at first. it’s important to remember that is is a tattoo, and the after care must be treated as such!  They must keep the brow area clean, and well moisturized. Most people use vaseline to keep it hydrated but others prefer grape seed oil since vaseline has a tendency to pull out pigment.

It’s expensive, at first glance. It costs around $5,000HKD, however this is one treatment per 3 years. If you do the maths 1 treatment per month for 3 years would cost around $5400 (assuming the price of grooming is $150HKD). Plus if you book through BloomMe you can expect a discount up to 30% off!

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