Halloween is just around the corner, and while it’s still 2 weeks away, our minds have been going into overdrive with ideas for costumes! Needless to say that a holiday that actively encourages dressing up and makeup experimentation is the BloomMe Girl’s all time favourite holiday. One thing we often hear approaching the spooky season from our BloomMe Girls is that makeup isn’t their strong suit, and usually settle on something quite generic for Halloween like “Cat” or “Mouse” because it’s the only simple makeup they feel comfortable doing.


We believe at BloomMe that every girl deserves a KILLER look to rock at Halloween, no matter how savvy you are with a makeup brush. We have put together a list of our favourite Halloween looks of 2016 that even the most novice makeup ladies can try that are guaranteed to turn heads!


Halloween isn’t all about the battle between scary and sexy costumes! Dressing up as your favourite icon is an amazing way to make an impression at any party, and who is better with making a fashion statement than the iconic 60s model, Twiggy?! This look can be simply achieved by making the upper lid crease supremely defined (using eyeliner or black eyeshadow), as well as drawing in extra lower lashes with thick and clumpy lashes to give that famous owl eye look!



Butterfly Snapchat filter

Dewy skin and bright eyes with a sprinkle of gold. Looking good for Halloween has never been easier, or more relevant! Check out the tutorial on youtube for a flawless snap worthy look!




Going to Halloween parties as a cat has had its heyday. We are in the golden era of fierce women, so what better way to flame up a tame feline and add a little roar than going as the Lion Queen- move over Simba. Check this easy tutorial out on YouTube here.


Desi Perkins


Hong Kong born Karen O created this beautiful holographic style human unicorn, aka glitter fest 2k16 and we love it. Add a horn if you feel like this isn’t measuring up to the real unicorn that you are! Watch the tutorial here.



Harley Quinn

This is by far going to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year with Margot Robbie raising the bar in hot female supervillains in Suicide Squad. This look is perfect for those who aren’t usually skilled with the art of making looks “on fleek”- the smudged lipstick and messy eyeshadow means it’s time for a messy makeup novice to shine…and make it look on purpose! Tutorial found here.


youtube/Jordan Bone

David Bowie

Oh our hearts are still so heavy from the loss of David Bowie- let’s face it, 2016 has been pretty brutal on all accounts- and so what better way than celebrate the life and talent of one of the music industry’s biggest influencers than to salute the world dressed as Ziggy Stardust! Check out this super simple tutorial here.


Claire Dim

Sugar Skull

A Halloween classic! Though this looks seems like it takes a lot of effort, all you really need is white face paint, black eyeliner (or face paint) and some colourful eyeshadow. Team it together with a flower crown (the one time it comes out other than at music festivals), a nice dress and voila! This easy tutorial shows how it’s done step by step.

Dia De Los Muertos Sugar skull woman surrounded by smoke

Sexy Vampire

Emma Pickles wows us again with another flawless Halloween look. Unlike her more outlandish and jaw- dropping special effects looks, her spin on the classic sexy vampire gives a sexy and stylish route without a cringe factor! Check out her tutorial here.


Emma Pickles

Broken Doll

We’re stepping away from the cute and sexy and moving into the creepy and dark side of Halloween. A broken doll look is the perfect way to combine cute and creepy. This makeup is definitely easier than it looks- just add eyeliner and smudge slightly to give a cracked effect to your regular makeup. Add long lashes for the porcelain doll for extra effect!


Courtney Little Makeup

Sexy Jigsaw

This KILLER look is bound to turn heads at any Halloween party coming up! Although this makeup is ridiculously easy to do and may only take 15 mins to complete, the haunting/amazed effect it will have on your friends and family will last a lifetime! Make sure to team this will a black jackets and pants, a white shirt and of course, a red bow tie! We SAW the tutorial here.


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